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Better Leadership: How to become a Difference-Maker in Business, your Community, and Family

What you'll get:

  • The book Better Leadership which includes chapters on: 

    • Better, why? 

    • Who can you lead? 

    • You have it going, what is next? 

    • Apply it to Your Life 

    • Additionally:

    • A 50% Discount on a DISC Personality Assessment

    • 1 Hour Consultation with a DISC Certified Consultant

    • 3 Hours of one on one coaching with Mark Missigman

    • A 50% Discount on a Mastermind Group 

  • Do you ever find yourself frustrated when trying to get your point across the first time?

DISC helps you get your point across the first time in a way that the recipient hears in their DISC style. 

Do you ever wonder, "How can I reach this person?"

You will begin to pick up other people's DISC personality and can adapt to it. 

How beneficial is it to know your communication style? Immense, you can leverage how you BEST communicate to become influential, effective and respected.  

You will reach your full potential. That bully, your fear, will no longer be in control of what you say or how you say it. You will be more assertive. 

Do you ever wonder, 'how can I have deeper relationships'? 

You will connect better with everyone, when you understand how you communicate and how they communicate; you will connect better. You will find common ground, don't we need more of that in this world? You will lead better. 

Do you ever ask, 'what am I really good at'?

You will know your strengths. When you know what you are good at, really know, not just guess your success will go off the charts!!!

Did you have that argument again? With your spouse, kids or co-worker? Is that keeping you up at night?

Let's stop that from happening. We, together, can do that. Let's try, shall we?