How to become a Difference-Maker in one Book

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“Mark is a true servant leader, when you are on his team you know he has your back. See how to be this kind of leader.”

Chris Robinson, Executive Vice President, John Maxwell Enterprise

“The whole thing goes to hell if you do not get the people part of your equation right...set the tone for a collaborative and team environment...people are going to be the engine behind the strategy” -

Honorable Deborah Lee James, Former Secretary of the Air Force

“If you are looking to understand why Better Leadership is needed. This is the book for you!”

Dr. Wendy Norfleet, CEO Norfleet Integrated Solutions

“Mark Missigman guides you on an intimate leadership journey. He shows you how to lead so that people want to follow you and so that they know they are useful, serve a purpose and that they too can make a difference.”

Roger Moore, Author, Founder of Hypnosis Health Info and the Roger Moore Institute of Hypnotherapy


6 Things You will Learn From

Better Leadership

Discover the true meaning of leadership, through examples and experiences that are relatable

Receive the encouragement that propels you to success today

When you are leading, find out what to do next


Understand why you are the one that people are waiting for

Take the first step, follow the principles to walk into your leadership life

Enjoy the cooperation of those who follow you 

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Better Leadership

How to become a difference-maker in business, your community, and family

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What you will get:

  • The book Better Leadership includes chapters on: 

    • Better, why? 

    • Who can you lead? 

    • You have it going, what is next? 

    • Apply it to Your Life 

    • Additionally, you get:

    • A 50% Discount on a DISC Personality Assessment

      • 1 Hour Consultation with a DISC Certified Consultant

      • 3 hours of one on one coaching with Mark Missigman

      • A 50% Discount on a Mastermind Group 

The Workbook

How to become a Difference-Maker in one Book

Start Here to Become the Difference-Maker