Do you ever think, "I know I am right, but I do not understand why they (the other person) do not think so?"

It may be because the other person needs to hear it in a certain way to accept it. DISC shows you how to say it so they receive it. Otherwise, the other person will continue to shut down, and you get nowhere. DISC helps you identify their style (who they are naturally) so you can communicate better with them. 

Is your way the best? But others don't see it? As a result, do you go it alone? To help you connect with others and have them follow you, take a DISC assessment to be a light to people instead of shutting them down. 

Fear is a silent motivator. What are you naturally afraid of emotionally? Don't know? DISC can help you identify it

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DISC Assessment Only

Maxwell's DISC Personality Indicator Assessment

$49 Buy Now

DISC Assessment + Debrief

Maxwell's DISC Personality Indicator Assessment + Debrief

$299 Buy Now

DISC Assessment + Debrief + Personal Development Plan Coaching

Maxwell's DISC Personality Indicator Assessment + Debrief + PDP Coaching

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"Let DISC be a game-changer for you. DISC is the WD40 for relationships." Mark Missigman

DISC Personality Indicator Assessment

Take Your First Step to Real Connection - Overcome Fear!

What you'll get:

35 Page DISC Assessment Report which includes

  • Your DISC communication style (Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator)
  • The communication style of others and how to connect to them
  • The ideal environment where you can bring your best forward
  • Your strengths in 7 key areas of influence
  • And how you can grow into your potential
  • 1 Hour Debrief with a DISC Certified Consultant ($147)
  • 2 One Hour Sessions on a Personal Development Plan (PDP) ($347)

And a BONUS!

  • DISC Profile Card to display


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